The problem with grade inflation

Average college GPAs in 2006 were much higher than they were in 1930, according to a study published in the Columbia University-based publication Teachers College Record. Stuart Rojstaczer, a writer and former science professor, co-authored the study with Furman computer science professor Christopher Healy.  Healy, who joined the Furman faculty in 1999, was quoted in […]

Haley Cottingham and Andreea Cirstea

Breaking tech’s glass ceiling

It’s no exaggeration to say most computer science majors are men. Contrary to some misogynistic beliefs, however, it’s not because they’re actually better at computer science than women. But they often do think they’re better—than everyone. Sometimes it’s delusion, but justified or not that confidence goes a surprisingly long way according to Furman computer science […]


Ten faculty appointed to endowed professorships

Furman announced this week that 10 faculty members have been appointed to endowed professorships at the university. Four of the new professorships are lifetime appointments, while the other six are for limited terms. Gifts from donors and foundations support 24 endowed lifetime professorships and nine rotating (limited term) professorships at the university.


The wisdom of students

When 2014 graduate Zach Hall was a student at Furman, he developed a course-selection website that helped his fellow students sign up for and keep track of available classes. As a result, Hall’s contributions to Furman’s website development were mentioned in a New York Times article about how some college students are “producing faster, easier-to-navigate, more informative and generally just better versions of the information systems at the heart of undergraduate life.” Hall graduated from Furman this past spring with a degree in computer science.  Read the article.


Making art work

If you’re over the age of 25, it’s likely you haven’t figured out all—or even most—of the things your phone or the console(s) in your car can do. You’re also probably not looking for new challenges. For members of Generation Z, however, electronic devices aren’t a novelty or even a convenience. They’re more of a […]


Faculty playing larger role in student recruiting

Furman faculty play an integral role in student recruiting. They make telephone calls, attend out-of-town receptions and even invite prospective students and parents into their classrooms. This kind of personal attention makes Furman distinctive and helps boost student yield.


Game changer

Seth Greenstein likes to play games, and that’s a good thing since gaming has been his business since high school. Seth and two of his high school buddies began Diamond Bullet Studios, a video game design and production company that has released three video games. The company’s latest release, Catalyst 2012, was created in collaboration […]


Computer lab scores more than hardware upgrades

When it came time for a technology upgrade last summer in the computer lab (Riley 203), computer science department chair Kevin Treu and his colleagues seized the opportunity to totally revamp the space. Prior to the remodel, computers, lined up like neat rows of crops, made the confines difficult for professors and students to move about and collaborate. Ditching the traditional classroom look and feel, Treu, in concert with folks from his own department, IT and facilities, transformed the lab by installing six clusters of three-person workstations armed with the latest in computing technology, and a whole lot more.


Five appointed to endowed professorships

AUGUST 21, 2012
by John Roberts, Newspage Editor

Faculty appointments to one life-time and four limited-term endowed professorships were announced last week by John Beckford, vice president for academic affairs and dean. The honored professors are Tom Allen (Computer Science), Jeff Petty (Chemistry), Eli Hesterman (Biology), Kathleen Player (Business Administration) and Tami Blumenfield (Asian Studies).


Swimming, acting and computer science

When Kevin Treu isn’t serving as chairman of the computer science department at Furman, he could be acting, directing or even writing a play for local theater companies. But then again, he might be coaching a youth swim team.  “Theater is my creative outlet. Coaching is my athletic outlet. And obviously Furman is my academic outlet,” Treu says.