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Sustainability illustrated

When it comes to protecting South Carolina’s water resources, Chandler Jackson ’15 believes in the power of social media. Using the hashtag #droughtshaming, Californians in the midst of a fourth year of drought have posted pictures of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s lush lawn and shared pictures of their neighbors using sprinkler systems. To discourage […]

Hayden Couvillion, cropped

Furman senior explores gentrification and compassionate housing

Fewer families in Greenville are making less money. Every income bracket less than $50,000 decreased from 1999 to 2013. Sounds good, right? Not so fast. Poring over Census data and a report by Harvard professors, Furman senior sustainability science/political science major Hayden Couvillion says households really haven’t increased their income levels, but have simply moved […]


Sustainability Science goes to the hospital

Parkland Memorial Hospital. For some, the name conjures images of a Presidential motorcade, Lee Harvey Oswald, the Texas School Book Depository, and the shock surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. Parkland Memorial is the place Kennedy was pronounced dead. While the public will never forget the events of […]


Gone fishing

Amy Poon ’16 brought her new graphite fly rod to Furman Lake for the first time Wednesday. It was her first time fishing at the lake, or anywhere for that matter. She’s feeling a bit nervous, but she lines herself up and makes sure everything is ready for her to cast the line. She’s ready. […]


The price of preservation

When your classroom is a beach, taking a course in the summer becomes significantly more enticing. But the seven Furman students who took the Ecological Economics May Experience (May X) class weren’t there for surfing lessons. John Quinn, Ph.D. (biology) and Melanie Cozad, Ph.D. (economics) led the class which included a three-day trip to the South Carolina coast where students […]

Justice, equity, and politics

Coleman Allums ’14 was set to prepare his third and final go-around for a highly competitive NSF Graduate Research Fellowship when he learned he won an award in recent weeks. “I knew how competitive this source of funding is and how few are awarded in my field, so my expectations were modest,” says the Sustainability Science/Economics […]


A presidential appointment

When Sustainability Science/Spanish major Michael Robinson ’16 received an internship in the Executive Office of the President, Office of Energy and Climate Change, he thought he’d be in for a fair amount of administrative duties. “Surely they wouldn’t rely on interns to do much but help keep the office running,” Robinson recalls saying to himself. […]


Mastering the “green” classroom

“Green thinking” has moved into classrooms, where students earn degrees specifically focused on sustainability studies or add an Earth-friendly spin to more traditional majors. Furman launched its sustainability science major in 2011, which allows students to explore connections between the environment, economics and social systems. The university’s efforts in this area were included in an […]


Furman listed among top “green colleges”

Furman is listed in the new 2015 edition of The Princeton Review Guide to 353 Green Colleges, a guidebook providing information about the most environmentally responsible “green colleges.” The newest edition of the guidebook profiles colleges with the most exceptional commitments to sustainability based on their academic offerings and career preparation for students, campus policies, initiatives and activities.

Fuel Furman

FUEL Furman Fundraising Concludes

The third year of FUEL Furman: Ignite the Fire, Fuel the Future officially concluded on April 3. Nearly 80 donors participated with gifts ranging from $5 to $1,000. In total, supporters gave close to $8,500, more than doubling the amount raised for student projects in 2014. Even if a group was unable to reach their total fundraising goal, all projects were designed to be scalable and funds will be put to use immediately.