What’s in a name?

There has been a debate at Clemson University about whether the name of an iconic building on campus, Tillman Hall, should be changed. The building’s namesake, Benjamin Tillman, was a former South Carolina governor (1890-94) and a well-known white supremacist. Furman education professor Paul Thomas weighed in on the debate in a post on his […]


A winning program on the field and off

If you’re looking for a college women’s soccer program that wins both on the field and in the classroom, you would be wise to consider the one at Furman.  According to USA Today’s “College Sports Rankings,” Furman is ranked No. 7 among the top 10 women’s soccer programs that excel both in sports and academics.  […]


Perhaps not as “green” as it seems

When you buy food or paper towels at the grocery store, do you see a “recycled” or “all-natural” label on it? According to Furman business professor Jeanine Stratton, the label might not always mean a product is “green.” Stratton, who specializes in human and consumer behavior, visited Florida State University Panama City recently to talk […]


From Furman to Valparaiso

For the first time in seven years, Valparaiso University offered a class in Islam Theology last fall. At the beginning of this academic year, the Theology Department welcomed Dr. Melanie Trexler, a 2004 Furman graduate, to the Valparaiso faculty. Trexler comes to her new position with not only a stellar academic portfolio, but also an undeniable passion […]


‘Durang Durang’ receives high praise

According to Paul Hyde, the arts writer for The Greenville News, there’s some terrific acting taking place at the Furman Playhouse in “Durang Durang,” a compilation of six short comedies by playwright Christopher Durang. He writes that “an ensemble of eight Furman students performs these sometimes outlandish playlets with full-throated, go-for-broke energy and commitment” and […]


Speaking of El Salvador

During the 20th century, El Salvador suffered from one of the longest periods of military rule and political domination in the Americas, beginning with the 1931 coup against the democratically-elected Arturo Aurajo, and culminating in a bloody civil war that lasted from 1979 to 1992.  In his book, In Authoritarian El Salvador: Politics and the […]

Furman and love at first sight

In the English language, the word love is one of the most confusing and one of the most important, especially on Valentine’s Day. But, sadly, the love of Valentine’s Day is often fleeting. And that leads to an important question: can we find a love that lasts? Furman alum Kirk Neely, who has spent nearly […]


Deepening educational ties with China

Furman has been sending students to study abroad in China since the 1980s, but the university strengthened its ties to the nation in 2005 with a partnership program established at Su Zhou University just outside Shanghai. Furman deepened those ties to China this year by establishing another partnership with Yunnan Minza University, a leading school […]

Yik Yak founders Furman

What is Yik Yak? A very popular app

Yik Yak, a mobile, anonymous social network with apps for Android and iOS, launched in November 2013 and has been a huge hit on college campuses ever since. “You can think of it as a local, anonymous Twitter or a local virtual bulletin board,” says co-founder Tyler Droll, who started the site with friend and […]


More praise for Furman’s beauty

Furman is listed among the “30 Most Beautiful College Campuses in the South,” according to an article on “The Best Colleges” website. The university was ranked No. 4 on the list, which featured schools that “are considered to be some of the most beautiful college campuses in country, and the most beautiful in the South.” […]