President Elizabeth Davis

Beyond the campus walls and into the community

Furman President Elizabeth Davis used her inaugural address on March 19 to lay out her vision for the university to step further beyond its campus walls and into the community. It’s time to rethink what “engaged learning” is about in a world where students are searching to become even more engaged by volunteering and solving […]

President Davis looks forward

The formal inauguration in March of Furman President Elizabeth Davis’ comes after nine months on the job in which she has devoted much time to listening and learning about the university and the community that surrounds it. Her approach to putting together her goals and initiatives has been strategic and intentional as she looks for […]


Affirm all college students

South Carolina, including the Upstate, is home to many fine colleges and universities that have provided leadership, guidance and inspiration to their communities. This is certainly true for Erskine College.  But when the Erskine Board of Trustees released a statement which concluded that sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage is not only “sinful” but also […]

President Davis talks about Furman

As Elizabeth Davis prepares for her formal inauguration on March 19 as Furman’s 12th president, she said the university is poised to increase its impact in Greenville while it works to more clearly define its role in higher education at a time when the value and costs of college, particularly private liberal arts education, have […]

Yik Yak founders Furman

The Yik Yak buzz continues

In much the same way that Facebook swept through the dorm rooms of America’s college students a decade ago, Yik Yak is now taking their smartphones by storm. The social media network was created in 2013 by Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington, fraternity brothers who graduated from Furman in 2013. Because its users can post […]


Conservatives and public education reform

Support for small government, free markets, fiscal responsibility and strong local communities defines conservatism. Conservatives emphasize the importance of individual freedom, but also recognize the need to check human passion using the traditional pillars of civilization: law, government, religion and education. Conservatives increasingly see the need for reform in South Carolina’s public education system, but […]


Sweet dreams in the Furman lab

Sleep. Most of us look forward to it as a way to recuperate from a hectic day and prepare our bodies and minds for the next. But researchers in the Psychology Department at Furman are looking at another function of sleep that isn’t typically associated with slumber—memory. “My work follows one hypothesis, which is that […]


Improving diversity in the sciences

Current statistics from the National Science Foundation on women and minorities in science and engineering suggest that the demographic composition of scientists and engineers does not reflect the large diversity of the American population. Over 70% of scientists and engineers in the United States are white, 12% Asian, 6% Hispanic, and only 5% black. Furman […]


Benefits of hopping, running and jumping

Furman health sciences professor Julian Reed says that if children are hopping, jumping and running while they are learning math, English and other school subjects, they will not only be fitter, but they will learn better. Mike Switzer, editor of the South Carolina Business Review for South Carolina ETV Radio, interviewed Dr. Reed about his […]


A defining challenge of our era

Furman recently announced that it had received a $500,000 gift to support its rapidly growing Poverty Studies program. Meanwhile, on the same day, the University of North Carolina announced that it was considering closing its poverty studies program. According to philosophy professor David Gandolfo, who chairs Furman’s Poverty Studies program, one of these universities is […]